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Criteria for Selection

Wonderland invites those filmmakers who believe they have made a movie which merits inclusion in the guide to send Wonderland two simple pieces of information which no other site asks for: i) the link (URL) to where the movie can be viewed; and ii) their role in making the movie.

criteria for selection

Wonderland does not host the movies it selects. It is not a movie site like YouTube. It is simply a Guide to where the best movies can be found wherever they are hosted on the web. For the filmmaker, the whole process takes about a minute. Wonderland then sends the URL (by e-mail) to three members who are asked to view the movie and then rate it on three parameters on a scale of one to ten. The Wonderland members are those filmmakers who have already shown their talent by having their movies featured in the guide. In other words, the only way anyone can become a member (apart from founding members) is if they have had a movie approved by the existing members. If the mean rating is 5/10 or less the movie is not featured in the guide and the fi lmmaker is not invited to be a member. If the mean rating is better than 5/10 the movie is featured in the guide and the filmmaker becomes a Wonderland member.

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