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SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) is officially recognized by the Vatican as a Catholic organization for communication. It has members from 140 countries, bringing together radio, television, cinema, and new media. It has consultative statutes with UNESCO, ECOSOC (United Nations in Geneva and New York) and the Council of Europe.

Amongst its many activities, it publishes movie reviews in film magazines and websites throughout the world, and organizes interfaith juries at the most prestigious international film festivals. In 2010 more than 80 films received SIGNIS awards after selection by SIGNIS juries at more than 30 of the most important film festivals across the world. Its mission is to encourage communication that respects Christian values, justice and human rights; to involve media professionals in the issue of professional ethics; and to foster ecumenical and interfaith cooperation in the media sector. SIGNIS is particularly concerned by the social upheavals associated with the emergence of new media as the most popular form of audiovisual communication.

SIGNIS Official Website

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