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The Guarantee

Unlike every other movie site on the web, Wonderland does not host the movies it features; instead it is a Guide to where they can be viewed. But, much more than that, Wonderland offers the independent filmmaker a guarantee. If they upload a movie onto the web and if the movie is good, Wonderland provides a guarantee that it will be noted and promoted.

Wonderland invites those filmmakers who believe they have made a movie which stands out from the crowd to send the link to where it can be viewed. The filmmaker has nothing to lose. There is no cost. There is no downloading of files. All the filmmaker has to do is send Wonderland their URL, and then the Wonderland members decide if it is worthy of being featured in the guide. At worst, the movie is rejected and the filmmaker is informed of the reasons. At best, the movie is accepted and the link to where it can be viewed features in the Wonderland guide as one of the best movies on the web.

For those movies which achieve a high profile the benefits are manifold. The most obvious is that it would present an early step on a career ladder. But it could also lead to the commercialisation of good independent movies on the web. At present it would be futile for an independent filmmaker to create a paying site for their movie, no matter how good it is, if nobody knows it is good. However, with a reputable guide proclaiming that a movie is outstanding, this can provide the springboard for great independent filmmakers to commercialise their work on the web. For those movies which achieve a lower profile (e.g. 6/10), there are also benefits. If a young filmmaker has a movie which features in the guide (however modestly), it is nonetheless an endorsement of that filmmaker’s talent. It would allow the filmmaker to seek local support and patronage, whether from funding authorities, businesses or friends and family with the legitimate claim that their talent has been independently validated.

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